June 16, 2014

BY Scott Humphrey


Hopegrown Productions, winners of last year’s Spirit of the FRINGE award here in Montreal, are back with a new piece: LOTUS.

Born out of the stories of Amanda Todd and Rehteah Parsons, Caitlin Murphy has written this new play about “how one person’s suffering is never discrete” — a single event can create waves of pain throughout many lives. Rookie cop Linda is “investigating” teenager Amber for a disturbing photo that has been posted to her Facebook profile. During their meetings to try to uncover the story behind it, we get drawn into a world of objectification, abuse, and struggle. LOTUS is an engaging hour, weaving a tangled web that never lets you go. While some of the transitions felt long, this show features an incredibly timely and tight script being played by two young actresses at the top of their game.

If you’re interested in one of the FRINGE’s better dramatic offerings, look no further! For showtimes and tickets to this mature piece, click here.

Hopegrown Productions — 2014 — Lotus
Hopegrown Productions — 2014 — Lotus